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Congressman Schock only agreed to one face-to-face debate on TV during this election cycle. View it Thursday on WTVP Channel 47.

18th Congressional District Election
Episode #2309 (60 minutes)
Air Date: 10/28/2010 8:00 PM
Rebroadcast: 10/31/2010 4:00 PM

A discussion with the three candidates for the 18th Congressional District election.


  • Aaron Schock (R) - 18th District Congressman
  • D. K. Hirner (D) - 18th District Candidate
  • Sheldon Schafer (G) - 18th District Candidate
Video will be available after
final broadcast date.

A day in the Schafer for Congress Campaign

Today was a media blitz through the Southern Counties of the 18th District

I started in Springfield on the Jim Leach show on WMAY
(The audio is not on the web yet)

This was followed by "What's On Your Mind" on WLDS, Jacksonville, a 40 minute on-the-air debate featuring the 18th District Candidates Sheldon Schafer, Aaron Schock & DK Hirner

The full story and podcast link can be found at:

Following this I traveled to Virginia in Cass County, and Havanna in Mason County to interview with the Mason County Democrat (the local weekly) and campaign door-to-door, put out another dozen yard signs,

and then it was back to Peoria for a meet-and-greet with the residents of Proctor Home.

At the same time, David Pittman visited 700 homes door-to-door in Springfield.

It was quite a weekend.

We have just two more weeks in the campaign, and will be meeting tomorrow at Peoria Pizza Works to lay out our plans.

Please join us.  We could certainly use your help.


You're Greener than you think - it's time to vote that way!

Check the new Photo Gallery for pics from the Party With The Green Party!

Sheldon Schafer is the candidate offering common sense, common ground, consistent life-supporting solutions for today’s problems. He will close the gap between our communities and our politics and work with people across the issues to promote inclusive democracy that engages everyone and that restores civil liberties, civil rights, and sustainable freedoms.

“I am an independent voice speaking for each citizen, not for money, and not for special interests. During this time of massive corporate and special interest giveaways, and unprecedented environmental, financial and employment crises, I will change the political dynamic like no Democrat or Republican candidate can. I will return the voice of the individual to Washington.”

Putting People First - Not Special Interests!

People should come first—not corporate and special interest groups! Elections should not be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Winning should not be dictated by fundraising. Business should exist for the betterment of people. People do not exist for the betterment of business.

Re-Educating Education!

Our children and our economic future deserve high standards for education. Students are not products of the educational system; they receive educational service. Punishing school districts for poor performance only increases the shameful disparity in per-pupil spending, and must be ended.

Sustainable Jobs and Energy

We must build and support a retooled economy based on sustainability and free of economic and energy dependence on fossil fuels; Green jobs, Diverse renewable energy, Conservation, Economically and sustainably supported local farms and businesses.

Financial & Economic Reform!

No more bailouts! Stimulus and recovery monies must be targeted where it will do the most good for people, not special interests. Banks must be held accountable for their policies and their profits. The tax code and tax bills must be held for public hearing.


Each election year, Illinois voters claim to be fed up with the state's "pay to play" politics, yet they continue to vote for the parties that created the problem; the parties that have no vested interest in changing the system. And we wonder why nothing changes? Illinois voters need to discover that on these and other issues, they’re “Greener” than they think! It’s time to vote for real, sustainable change!

See what else makes Sheldon Schafer your best candidate choice in November!  Click here to review his position on the issues!


98 Challengers and 115 Incumbents Oppose War Spending

Ninety-eight congressional candidates and 35 national organizations are opposing any more funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The 98 candidates are from 29 states and Washington, D.C., and include 33 Greens, 24 Libertarians, 22 Democrats, 6 Independent Greens, 5 Independents, 4 Peace and Freedom Party Members, 2 Republicans, 1 Socialist, and 1 West Virginia Green.

Eighty-five are candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, and 13 for the Senate.

Read the full article here...


Some Tea Partiers are in the wrong party, say Greens 

"A real Tea Party movement would look like the Green Party": Greens urge Americans to reject corporate royalists and faux populists like Limbaugh, Beck, and Palin, citing Jefferson's warning about "the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations"

"Not all Tea Party members are befuddled rightwingers screeching that President Obama is a socialist, fascist, pro-terrorist, or all of the above. Many Tea Partiers have legitimate concerns about how the Democratic Party's health care reform plans will reduce Medicare and about trillion-dollar taxpayer-funded giveaways to Wall Street firms. They are as outraged as Greens are about how both Democrats and Republicans are coddling CEOs, major stockholders, and other wealthy elites while preaching sacrifice for the rest of us," said Carl Romanelli, former Green candidate for the US Senate and a member of Health Care for All Pennsylvania (

Read the full article here...


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